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2020 Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Tues, April 28th, 2020

Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Join System of Care Erie, the Erie Family Alliance, and the Youth Impact Committee for the 3rd Annual Children's Mental Health Awareness Day! 

Details to follow.

"Total Body Wellness" - a focus on total body care

The 2nd Annual Children's Mental Health Awareness Day took place on Friday May 10th, 2019. The theme was "Total Body Wellness." Our keynote speaker, Lorelei Simpson Rowe, Ph.D., highlighted the importance of total body care, the mind-body connection, and how that relates to children and youth of Erie County.

Several youth artists were featured as part of the all-day event. Their artwork was displayed throughout the day, and their talent was recognized at the main event that took place at Gannon University. 

Stop the Stigma - 1st Annual Children's Mental Health

Awareness Day

On May 19th, 2018 Erie County hosted their first annual Children's Mental Health Awareness Day. Over 200 individuals attended the morning main event, which included a trauma training by the Erie Coalition for a Trauma Informed Community (ECTIC), and the unveiling of a youth art project. 

Community members also gathered in Perry Square for an Awareness Walk.

2020 "You Rock" Awards!

We are seeking nominations of young adults and family members who ROCK at what they do in the Erie community!

The 2020 Erie County Children's Mental Health Awareness Day events will include an awards ceremony to celebrate and highlight the wonderful work being done by youth and family members. Awards will be given in the following categories:


Youth/Young Adult Leader – This is a youth ( age 26 or younger) who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the Erie community by leading/coaching other youth or serving on a leadership committee and advocating for other youth and young adults.

Parent/Caregiver Leader – This is a parent or caregiver of a child(ren) age 18 or younger who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the Erie community by leading/coaching other parents/ caregivers with life challenges, or who is serving on a leadership committee and advocating for other parents/ caregivers.

Foster Parent(s)/ Kinship Caregiver(s) of the Year – This award will go to the foster parent(s) and/ or kinship caregiver(s) who have demonstrated ongoing commitment to children in need of stability and unconditional love. This individual/couple has demonstrated “going the extra mile” on an ongoing basis.

Peer Specialist of the Year– This is an individual in the professional role as a Certified Peer Specialist or Youth/ Family Support Partner who has gone above and beyond in the community to make positive change in the lives of others in the community through their work with consumers. An individual who is active in leadership committees who continues to advocate for others impacted by mental health or substance abuse disorders.


Educator of the Year – This is a teacher or school personnel who has demonstrated excellence in and out of the school setting. This individual has demonstrated strides in reaching youth and families and making a positive mark on them and their community. The individual is active in the community beyond the scope of just providing education.

System of Care Innovation Award – This is an individual who has demonstrated ongoing commitment to collaborating with all child-serving agencies, advocating continually for youth, young adults and their families, and is working to create positive change within the child-serving system in Erie County. 

For questions, or assistance with making a nomination, contact Nicole at SystemOfCareErie@gmail.com